Stock yarn trading

Italian-made yarns of exceptional quality at affordable prices.

clothing fabrics

The demand for yarn and fabric is increasingly high, if they are then sold at stock prices, they become in extremely high demand. This is what happens in the province of Modena, where the company AB Stock is remarkably successful in buying and selling stock yarn, made strictly in Italy.

To order or to request information on the yarn stocks available, please contact us using this form or call: +39 059 859555

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Choose from yarns in wool, cotton or acrylic

wholesale silk cotton wool

We are a young company, but made up of experienced staff who had already demonstrated their competence and efficiency in the field.
We deal with all types of yarn:

  • stock combed yarn
  • stock carded yarn
  • stock woollen yarn
  • stock cashmere yarn
  • stock cotton yarn
  • stock acrylic yarn

The products are suitable for various processes, such as knitting and machining for all the thicknesses, and are all manufactured in the nearby world famous textile companies.
The new arrivals section includes all new and seasonal products available in stock at unbeatable prices.

Choose from AB Stock's customised yarns

polyester yarn

Printing, dyeing and twisting are the basic processes used to create many different patterns according to your needs.
Indeed, fashion houses are very demanding in that they expect a broad and high-quality choice.

For information, please contact our corporate offices on : +39 059 859555
AB Stock is located in Soliera, Modena, and can be easily reached from Bologna, Sassuolo, Carpi and the other areas of the Romagna region.
The company deals with wholesale trading of yarns in cotton, wool and acrylic, both nationally and internationally, offering a personalised service based on orders and customer needs.

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