We are a young and flexible company, run by staff with years of experience in the field of wholesale trading of stock yarns and fabrics. The quality and competitiveness of our services have allowed us to become both customers and suppliers of stores, ready-to-wear, knitwear shops, dry cleaners and weaving factories. We operate nationally and internationally and for our purchases in cash.

Our variety of products and excellent value for money make us a valuable and reliable partner. We have a warehouse where, at any time of year, we have both summer and winter material in small and large lots. The stock yarns and fabrics are

Fabrics and yarns

Those who come to us know that they can rely on professionalism, reliability and integrity. The high quality of our products, together with the versatility of our services, makes us an essential partner for the various players in the world of textiles. We pay for our purchases in cash.

We offer wholesale and stock fabrics and yarns, providing a wide variety of materials ranging from silk to wool, viscose to cotton, or pile to chenille. The yarns and fabrics, sold by weight, are available in small lots and wholesale stocks.

Wholesale stock fabrics


We deal with silk, wool, viscose, cotton, polyester, linen, stretch fabrics, lycra, velvet, jersey, and much more.

Stock and wholesale yarns


We have separating yarns, yarns for knitting, weaving and webbing, as well as wool blends.


Ab Stock purchases all types of fabric with immediate cash payment either by weight or by the metre. There are no minimum sales, but we only buy MADE IN ITALY. We operate world-wide.


Stock sales of all types of fabric and yarn, including natural and synthetic materials. Both classic products and the latest innovations of the textile industry are available.

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